Austria court orders Novomatic to pay €2.5m to slots addict

Austria court orders Novomatic to pay €2.5m to slots addict

novomatic with New Thrills in Macau

First visible at London’s ICE absolutely Gaming display in February the megastar of the display at G2E Asia turned into surely contemporary Dominator® cabinet with a number of NOVO LINE™ INTERACTIVE games – among them the unmarried recreation attain the Hill™ in combination with the exceptional new network Jackpot AMAZELAND™. A second financial institution of Dominator® cabinets become proven linked to the card-animated four degree thriller progressive Magic Joker Jackpot™. each jackpot presentations use the Dominator’s innovative bendy 18.five” TFT topper for the jackpot animation and the machines’ 0.33 monitors for the jackpot levels. The Dominator® become being offered for the primary time in Asia or even in advance of the show had attracted strong stages of hobby from local operators.

Additionally attracting tons interest in Macao was the progressive Pinball Roulette™, a unmarried participant Roulette terminal that uniquely combines the appeal of the traditional Roulette with the amusement element of a pinball launching mechanism and Octavian’s casino control machine ACP (Accounting manage Progressives device). The latter related all the splendid-V+ Gaminator® III machines at the display sales space to demonstrate the numerous modular functionalities of the ACP gadget.

The tremendous-V+ Gaminator® III segment featured  marketplace-precise Asian recreation mixes: the first-rate-V+ Gaminator® A2 multi-sport mix based totally on Coolfire™ II and the NOVO LINE™ Interactive Macao-blend based on the NOVO LINE™ INTERACTIVE server-based totally-geared up addition merchandise supplied in Macau had been a NOVO LINE Novo team spirit™ II multiplayer set up comprising six participant terminals and one automated Roulette wheel, with an array of 8 further virtual live video games in addition to video slots on every of the terminals: Novo Multi-Roulette™ as well as the fully animated (‘Flying’) variations of Roulette, Double movement Roulette, Baccarat, Black Jack, Texas preserve’Em Poker, Poker 3, Bingo and Sic Bo.

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