Receive the Number Number Tag Couple via SMS, Bandar and Fruit Children in Baturaja

Receive the Number Number Tag Couple via SMS, Bandar and Fruit Children in Baturaja

Receive the Number Number Tag Couple via SMS, Bandar and Fruit Children in Baturaja

BATURAJA – Ko (49) and Me (38) who are both residents of Sukajadi, East Baturaja Subdistrict, Ogan Komering Ulu District (OKU), were arrested by the police of OKU Police.

Both were allegedly involved in gambling at Togel , Ko was suspected of being a Bandar while Me was suspected of being a subordinate.

OKU AKBP Police Chief Dra NK Widayana Sulandari, accompanied by Head of Criminal Investigation Division AKP Alex Andriyan S. Kom, yesterday revealed that the arrest of the two suspects was due to reports of people who were anxious with the activities of the two suspects gambling online around their homes.

The police who received the report then conducted an investigation and succeeded in arresting the two suspects when Me would deposit his customer partner to Ko.

“The arrest of the two suspects was carried out on Thursday (3/14) at around 1:00 p.m. at the suspect’s house, where at that time the suspect wanted to deposit money as well as the recap of the installer to Ko who was a bookie,” he said.

While the modus operandi carried out by Ko received a partner from the SMS of his customers then forwarded the couple to the online Togel gambling site .

In the arrest, the police also secured a number of items of evidence including one unit of Advance brand tablet, 1 unit of mobile phone, Rp. 3.1 million, BCA passbooks, a piece of paper from the lottery that comes out, and a suspect book belonging to Ko.

“The two suspects will be snared with article 303 of the Criminal Code. “The two suspects are currently undergoing an examination at the OKU Police Headquarters, so we will coordinate with the Prosecutors,” explained Widayana.

Indramayu – Indramayu Resort Police, West Java, arrested a grandmother with the initials LI (56) for checking lottery gambling , and also arrested 21 other people involved in the case.

Grandma LI (56), which we captured is her role as a retailer of lottery gambling ,” said Chief of the Indramayu Resort Police AKBP Yoris MY Marzuki, in Indramayu, Tuesday (03/19/2019), reported by Antara .

Yoris explained, the perpetrators of LI are currently carrying out investigations at the Indramayu police station Satreskrim and will soon be transferred to the prosecutor’s office for further legal proceedings.

Indramayu Police, said Yoris, not only took grandmother LI, but also arrested 21 other people who stumbled on the lottery gambling case .

“The lottery gamblers are 22 people including LI grandmother, and we have now held detention,” he said.

Indramayu District Police Chief of Police Headquarters AKP Suseno Adi Wibowo added, in this month, the ranks had arrested 32 gamblers from various types. “There are those who are lottery, catechism and cockfighting. In total there are 32 perpetrators that we arrested,” he said again.Now take a look at how these features of togel.

From the hands of the perpetrators, continued Seno, cash amounting to tens of millions of rupiah had been confiscated, besides that there were also other evidences such as toilet, mobile phones, chickens, and others.

“They were threatened with Article 303 of the Criminal Code with imprisonment for a maximum of 10 years,” he said again.

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